VW 1.8L Turbocharged Engine Sludge 1997-2005

Photo of VW B6 Turbo

From 1997-2005, VW manufactured a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine with a tiny 3.7 quart oil capacity. The trouble is, turbo-chargers are hot and that’s simply not a lot of oil to compensate for the amount of heat this engine generates.

This engine runs hot, stays hot, and doesn't have enough oil to do anything about it.

An Extended Warranty

Mechanics have told owners that this engine's oil capacity essentially removes any "margin for error" when it comes to oil changes. Complaints eventually sparked a class-action lawsuit, forcing VW to acknowledge the problem in 2004.

The automaker extended the warranty on some cars to 8 years / unlimited milage, with plenty of conditions.

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