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Fight Oil Sludge in 3 Steps

If you feel like your vehicle is prone to sludge, despite your best efforts to keep the oil change, it's time dust off the soapbox and start shouting.

Step One: Add Your Complaint

Start by filing complaints online. This step is crucial. Don’t just complain on forums. The sites below actually manage your complaint in ways that allow useful statistics, and they report dangerous trends to the authorities. Law firms contact these sites for help with Class Action lawsuits. Make sure to file your complaint on all three sites. We can’t stress that enough.

Step Two: Stay Up to Date offers email alerts that are specifically tailored to news about your car and nothing else.

That means if your car is part of an oil sludge class-action lawsuit, you’ll get an email. If there’s a airbag recall, you’ll get an email. If there’s news about adorable new puppy research, you won’t get an email because it has nothing to do with your car (no matter how cute the puppies are). It’s that simple.

And when it comes to price, there’s no late-night infomercial pricing tactics here: it’s free and you can unsubscribe any time. Get started over at and stay up-to-date about your car.

Step Three: Share This Page

Word of mouth is the most powerful tool to combat these sort of problems. And social media makes spreading the word easier than ever.